2.5. Aplicaciones OpenGL

2.5.1. gl Package

The Nabla Framework.

This package provides an object-oriented programming interface for developing visually-rich applications. Only depends on pyglet.

The package is divided in three independent packages:

  • nabla.gl.gui: Graphic User Interface.
  • nabla.gl.geo: Geometry manager.
  • nabla.gl.app: Skeleton for applications.

Some of the features are:

  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Extensible widgets, including a File Explorer.
  • Layer picking with alpha channel support.


import nabla App = nabla.gl.app.Application(ui=nabla.gl.gui.Overlay()) nabla.gl.gui.MessageBox(App.ui, title=”Example”, message=”Hello World”) App.run()

@author: Jose M. Vicente Segura @contact: txema@nabla.net



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